The sponsor of Mast Packaging Limited has been in printing, packaging and publishing business since 1970’s. It started as an Offset Printing house in the name of Zenith Packages Limited. In 1993, a separate business entity in the name of Mast Packaging was divested from Zenith Packaging to introduce rotogravure printing technology for its client.


Mast Packaging Limited has the latest technology based high speed/ATN Rotogravure Printing Machines, 10 & 11 Color with In-line Cutting, Creasing & Embossing/Sheeting for both Paper & Board and other pre-laminated materials. These have been installed to ensure high class quality product with greater accuracy.


Timeline of Mast Packaging Limited


Procured BOBST machine from USA


Installation of 1st ATN machine from France


New Factory set up


Installation of 2nd Rotogravure press ATN machine from France


Received ISO 9001:2008 certification


Alternative Power Supply introduced


Relocation and set up in New Factory Location in Savar

Addition of New 11 color machine with UV. Power Generation & Supply, Logistical and Quality Equipment


New Factory Location – Savar Greenfield Project begins in June


Slitting, Rewinding & IFB Machines added

Received ISO 9001:2015 certification


10 color machine re-commissioned with matching RDC & compatible registration system

ISO 9001:2008 certification for the new factory location in Savar